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    Welcome! The new Weeny Software support forum is online! http://www.weenysoft.com/forums/

    Its aim is to share experiences, opinions, feedbacks on our software and ideas of improvements. So feel free to report bugs, ask questions or leave comments.



    thank you for your pdf to image file sotware its very helpful.. hopefully you’re still developing this kind of software in the future.



    Using the video converter. Finally! I like it. My question is, when converting video files the subtitles are in my converted version and its not optional to turn off through my device or menu?? if there is a way to disable this feature I haven’t figured it out. Help?



    I downloaded the Weeny Soft Weeny Recorder program and it’s pretty great for what it does. I was impressed that it’s absolutely free and virus and malware free. The only problem i’m having is that I can change my audio download device, the only option it gives me is standard sound card and no others. Any suggestions



    about image convert to pdf file, can you add something like can tick all the subfolder? thanks

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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