Cut and Join Video Files

Use Free Video Cutter and Free Video Joiner to cut & join video files.

Free Video Cutter is a free video cutting software to cut video file into small pieces. With this wonderful program, you can cut loaded videos to output the needed parts without trailer or advertisements.

Free Video Joiner is a free video merging software to join multiple video files into one large video file.

How to cut and join video files:

Sometimes you may need to remove unwanted parts from a video file and join the rest parts into one video file. Or you may need to cut necessary parts from several video files and combine these parts to a single video file.

Neither Free Video Joiner software nor Free Video Joiner software can do these jobs. However you can use both Free Video Joiner software and Free Video Joiner software together to implement it.

First, use Free Video Cutter software to cut the necessary video segments into separate video files. Then open Free Video Joiner software and add all the video files cut by Free Video Cutter into the list. Click "Move Up" / "Move Down" button or directly drag & drop in the list to adjust video segments to the right position. Click "Merge Now" button to create video file with new video segments orders.

Free Video Cutter Screenshot

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