Free File Cutter Download

Free file cutter software to cut or merge files.

Free File Cutter is a free software to cut big file into small pieces or merge multiple files into one large file.

How to Cut Files:

After downloading and installing Weeny Free File Cutter, select START -> Programs -> Weeny Free File Cutter -> Weeny Free File Cutter to run.

1. Click on Cut File button on the top. Weeny Free File Cutter will open Cut File window.

2. Click on Browse button. Browse windows will be opened, choose a local file (*.*) and click Open.

3. Enter the file size you want to split, choose byte type from: byte, Kbyte, Mbyte, Gbyte. 1 Gbyte = 1024 Mbyte; 1 Mbyte = 1024 Kbyte; 1 Kbyte = 1024 byte. A preview window will show every output file name and file size.

4. Choose target folder and action when task is completed. The default target folder is "C:\My Files".

5. Click on Cut Now! button. Weeny Free File Cutter will cut the file you selected and open the target folder after cutting.


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