Free ePub to PDF Converter Download

Convert EPUB, CHM, DJVU, MOBI, TXT and RTF to PDF document.

Free ePub to PDF Converter is a free PDF converter software to batch convert EPUB, CHM, DJVU, MOBI, TXT, HTM and RTF to PDF document.

Command-line Options:

The command line program comes with Free ePub to PDF Converter 2.0 and later versions.

You can also convert e-book to PDF files without displaying any user interface, by using the following command-line options in our command-line program:

Command Line Command Line Description
/? List all command line options.
/v Show Free ePub to PDF Converter version and copyright information.
/source <Filename> <Filename> <Filename> Select source e-book files. Separate filename with blank. The e-book format can be DOCX, DOC, RTF, TXT, HTM or HTML.
For example:epub2pdf.exe /source "c:\test\sample1.doc" "c:\test\sample2.docx" "c:\test\sample3.rtf" "c:\test\sample4.html"
/target <Directoryname> Set target directory. The default target directory is "c:\My PDF".
For example: epub2pdf.exe /target "c:\My PDF"


For example: the command below will convert four e-book files sample1.doc, sample2.docx, sample3.rtf and to PDF files in directory "c:\My PDF".

epub2pdf.exe /source "c:\test\sample1.doc" "c:\test\sample2.docx" "c:\test\sample3.rtf" "c:\test\sample4.html" /target "c:\My PDF"

To avoid pop-up window after conversion: Click "Settings" tab, uncheck "Open the directory when conversion completes" option, click menu "Files" - "Save Profile".

We can also build SDK or DLL file to implement converting e-book to PDF files easily in programs. The command-line program, SDK or DLL file is for software developers use only. Contact us for more information.


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