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Free Audio Recorder records audio from any sources on your computer such as sound card, CD player, microphone, line-in device etc.


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Would you like to be able to easily record any radio show or any track played on the online radio that you're listening to? Then all you need is a smart tool that helps you record any sounds that pass through your computer. There are many tools available on the Internet that help you with this task but not many of them are handy and efficient. Happily there's a cool application that is both handy and efficient and its name is Weeny Free Audio Recorder.

Weeny Free Audio Recorder is a simple to use, powerful and effective piece of software that helps you easily and quickly record any kind of sounds that are played through your computer. Furthermore, this neat piece of software gives you the opportunity to save the recorded audio output file to some popular audio formats like: Wave, Mp3, Wma and Ogg.

In order to start using Weeny Free Audio Recorder you have to set some parameters that help you customize your output files. Therefore, this great Windows application lets you select the audio format, the bitrate that helps you configure the quality of your audio file and also the channel (mono, stereo and join stereo). With the help of setting all these parameters your output will have the greatest quality that an audio file can have.

Weeny Free Audio Recorder comes with another useful feature - it lets you set hotkeys for quickly starting the recording, stop recording and pause recording. Therefore, you are able to use Weeny Free Audio Recorder in a really fast, easy and convenient manner. Only one button combination and the recording is done.

Weeny Free Audio Recorder is also very convenient because it requires only an insignificant few of your computer resources. Furthermore, the most important feature that Weeny Free Audio Recorder provides with is that it is completely free.

To sum it all up, Weeny Free Audio Recorder is an easy to use, friendly and powerful tool that helps you record any sound in a really fast and simple manner.



It allowed me to easily transfer some recordings from tape to computer to preserve the original tape. Great sound quality no lagging or skipping. It's an amazing little program. Definitely worth the money (Weeny Free Audio Recorder's predecessor is shareware sells for $19.95).

-Bob Weed