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Free Cleaner is an all-in-one free Windows system cleaner software to clean up Windows system, boost performance and prevent registry corruption.

Free Cleaner FAQs:

Q: Why need to clean Windows system?
A: Many people do not realize that Windows and other software programs store information about what they have done, what documents they have used, what web sites they have visited, and various other activities they have performed.

Therefore, anyone else can see what you have been doing on your computer, which raises several privacy concerns. Furthermore, much of your activity information takes up valuable disk space, and recovering this space can be very beneficial.

Q: Why need to clean Windows Registry?
A: Problems with the Windows Registry are a common cause of Windows crashes and error messages. By using PC Registry cleaning software regularly, your system will be more stable, your software will run quicker, and your operating system will boot faster.

Q: What Registry problems occur for?
A: Registry problems can occur for many reasons, including references left behind after uninstallation; incorrect removal of software; missing or corrupt hardware drivers; or orphaned start-up programs. With a few easy steps, Weeny Free Cleaner will scan your entire registry for any invalid entries and provide a list of the errors found. You then can choose to clean each item or automatically repair them all after making a backup without the need for a registry editor such as Regedit.

Q: Why need to make plugins?
A: There are so many third party applications that keep track of recent activities such as the playlist of Mediaplayer, Realplayer/RealOne, recent used files of Winzip, WinRAR, Acrobat, and much more. Others can also see what files you have opened, what media you have played, and what pictures you have viewed.

Weeny Free Cleaner's Plugin Wizard gives you the flexibility to choose which file, folder or registry entry to delete. This makes Weeny Free Cleaner have the ability to support almost unlimited applications.

Q: Why does "index.dat" file still exist after cleaning?
A: "Index.dat" file stores information about what web sites you have visited and what cookies have been saved, the "index.dat" file is always locked by system when Windows is running and can not be deleted. Weeny Free Cleaner will clear the "index.dat" file when windows re-starts, so don't worry about it.

Q: Why do Internet Explorer history datas still exist after cleaning?
A: You should close all the browser windows before washing, because some files can not be erased when they are in use.

Q: Why does Weeny Free Cleaner freeze during Registry cleaning?
A: Although Weeny Free Cleaner may appear to hang during Registry scanning, it is still running. Occasionally, Weeny Free Cleaner needs additional time to build its invalid entry list within the detected problems window, which can make the application appear to hang during a scan. Once the invalid entry list is rebuilt, any future scans and repairs will occur within an acceptable time frame (normally within a few minutes).

Q: I have more questions, who should I write to?
A: Please send your additional questions to

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