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A free duplicate file finder and cleaner software.

Free Duplicate Finder is a free duplicate file finder and cleaner software to instantly scan your computer for duplicate files and list them for you to delete.


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Over time, a lot of files get accumulated in our hard drives due to downloading content from the internet or copying files from our cameras and mobile devices. We often end up with multiple copies of the same files, which is pretty annoying as they take up valuable hard drive space without serving a purpose. It is extremely tedious to look for duplicate files manually by browsing every folder, and even then there is a chance of missing out on many. There are several tools available that allow you to locate and delete duplicate copies of files such as GDuplicateFinder and Fast Duplicate File Finder. Free Duplicate Finder is another application for Windows to help you locate duplicate files, and its lets you do so based on file type including photos, music, videos, documents, executable etc. When found, the duplicate files can be moved to a different folder, allowing you to decide if you want to delete or keep them.

The application features an interface inspired by the Windows 8 Modern UI, and provides you with an easy, step-by-step wizard to search and remove the duplicate files. Step 1 involves selecting the drive. Next, you choose the file types to search for in the 2nd step. Finally, you specify your search options in the 3rd one. After launching the application, click the forward button in the lower right corner to move to the first step.

You can choose complete drives to search for duplicate content. Do keep in mind that the application only supports NTFS partitions. Just select any drives that you want to scan, and hit the forward button.

In the next step, select the file types that you want to scan the system for. You can select multiple file types as well. For instance, if you are just looking to locate duplicate media files, select the 'Music', 'Videos', and 'Images and photos' options. You can also search for Executable, Console, Documents, Archive, and Phone file formats.

The final step requires you to specify the search options, including the search criteria and some filters. The app can find duplicates based on identical file names, identical contents and identical size. The filters are available for date & time, size and attributes to narrow down the search scope.

Each filter has its own group of settings to specify. For instance, if you choose date and time filter, you can look for files that were created, last modified or last accessed within a certain time frame.

Once the search is complete, a graph is created with a different bar for each of the file types found in the search results.

The list of duplicate items can be accessed with each original + duplicate item grouped together separately. You can choose to view a file in Explorer, delete the selected files, or move them to another folder.

Free Duplicate Finder works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.



As its name suggests, Weeny Free Duplicate Finder is a handy and reliable application designed to help you easily find and remove duplicate files on your computer.

The application performs a deep scan of your drives and detects all the duplicate files, including photos, music, video, Word documents or text files etc. Once the files are found, you are provided with tools for delete or move copies.