Free File Cutter Download

Free file cutter software to cut or merge files.

Free File Cutter is a free software to cut big file into small pieces or merge multiple files into one large file.

Free File Cutter FAQs:

Q: Is this program free?
A: Yes, Weeny Free File Cutter is absolutely 100% free and you need to pay nothing. Please report to us if you found anyone is selling this software.

Q: Why need a file cutter software?
A: For example: think of a file of 500 Mbytes, and try to send it to a friend or upload it to a Website. It is usually easier to send or upload smaller parts than handle the entire file in one go. A file cutter software can also be useful for file backups.
For example: A file of 10 Gbytes in size can be split into smaller parts which then can be burned to DVDs, copied to USB sticks or uploaded to an online backup service.

Q: Does this program support any files?
A: Yes, Weeny Free File Cutter can cut any files on your computer. There are no file type or file size limitations.

Q: What's MD5 checksum?
A: The MD5 Message-Digest Algorithm is a widely used cryptographic hash function that produces a 128-bit hash value. It is commonly used to check data integrity.

Q: How can I add multiple files to merge?
A: Click "Browse..." button to add one source file (for example: sample.0), the rest files (for example: sample.1, sample.2 etc.) will be added automatically into the list below.

Q: I have more questions, who should I write to?
A: Please send your additional questions to

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