Free Internet Browsers Cleaner

Free Cleaner is an all-in-one free Windows system cleaner software to clean up Windows system, boost performance and prevent registry corruption.

Clean Internet Explorer:

  • Clean Internet Explorer Cookies - Web sites send small text files to your browser to keep track of your on-line sessions. They are particularly useful when you want a Web site to auto-sign you into a registration process. However web sites also use cookies to track you through the site. With Internet Tracks Washer, you can select which cookies you want to erase and which one you want to keep.
  • Clean Internet Explorer Typed URL History - The URLs you have typed in address bar, you can select which one you want to wash in the "Wash Apart" form.
  • Clean Internet Explorer Cache (Temporary Internet Files) - The Temporary Internet Files folder is the location on your hard disk where Web pages and files (such as graphics) are stored as you view them. This speeds up the display of pages you frequently visit or have already seen, because Internet Explorer can open them from your hard disk instead of from the Web. But this means that many megabytes of data of all types get saved to your hard drive. Anyone who can use your computer can tell from these files what you have seen while surfing.
  • Clean Internet Explorer Visited URL History - Which keeps an index of the visited web pages. When typing URL in address bar, you can see the related visited URLs.
  • Clean Internet Explorer AutoComplete Forms - Which stores a record of datas except passwords that you typed into any web site form.
  • Clean Internet Explorer AutoComplete Passwords - Which stores a record of passwords that you typed into any web site form.
  • Clean Internet Explorer History List - The links information for Web sites and pages visited in previous days and weeks. Clicking the History button will show this list.
  • Clean Internet Explorer Index.dat Files - Index.dat files are used by various features of Internet Explorer to keep track of URLs and associated information about URLs.

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