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Free password recovery tool to recover the actual password behind the asterisk.

Free Password Recovery is a free password recovery tool that lets you see the actual password behind the asterisks.


Sometimes, we keep our sensitive data in programs where a password is required to unblock access. However, in most forms, passwords typed are hidden behind asterisks. Thus, to avoid entering a wrong password, it is advisable to use software such as Weeny Password Recovery for verification. Weeny Password Recovery is simply a program that allows you to see the characters behind the asterisks when entering a password. To do this, you simply mouse over the words typed. In addition, it can also be used to recover lost passwords for programs such as Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, FlashFXP, CuteFTP, etc.



Recover Password from Browser Using Weeny Free Password Recovery Weeny Free Password Recovery is a totally free password recovery software which helps you to recover frequently used passwords in a browser. Many of us use browser on regular basis and it is common for us to save the password so that we don't have to type it regularly. This is not only for browsers but also for Email client software, connecting to FTP server and many more.

But what will happen if we forget the password. All the saved passwords will be lost and the only thing possible is to do recovery. Weeny Free Password Recovery makes this job very easy and simple for you. I have used this software and didn't like it that much but it is not that bad. You can find this password recovery software by clicking on the above link and the files are small and free of cost.

Advantages and disadvantages of Weeny Free Password Recovery:

You are able to see password which is hidden behind the asterisk sign.

It can also recover passwords from FTP applications, Email clients such as Microsoft Outlook.

It is very light software, which means that it will not consume your precious system resources unnecessarily. The user interface is not that great, but different password recovery software which I have tried also have had a poor user interface. So, it will be wrong from my side to pass judgement by just looking at the interface. The problem of the software lies somewhere else.

The software can be installed on any Windows platform. Personally, I don't like this because if you are also using Linux and you want to use this software it is not possible. Many people may not like using Linux, but many of us still prefer it, and for people like us this software is not available.

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