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Free PDF converter online FAQs:

Q: What OS does your online program support?
A: Our desktop software can only work on Windows system. Unlike desktop software, our online programs can be accessed on any OS with internet browsers in it. Such as: Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android etc.

Q: What file size can I upload?
A: Each file can be up to 100 MB. This should cover most PDF files.

Q: Will your online program add watermark on output file?
A: Unlike most PDF online programs on the internet, our programs don't add any text or image watermark on output file. The output file is clean.

Q: I get 50 images when I convert a 100-page PDF to images. How come?
A: Our online programs are limited to run 1 minute at max. If your conversion is not finished in 1 minute, the online program will stop itself.

Q: Will your site host file converted?
A: Our online programs generate more than 1 GB files per day. We empty the output directory aperiodically. We suggest you download your files as soon as conversion is finished.

Q: Do all your desktop PDF software have online versions?
A: No. Due to limitations of our Linux hosting, some functions such as converting Word to PDF or converting PDF to Word can't be implemented online.

Q: Do your online programs have the same results as your desktop programs?
A: No. Our desktop programs are made of Delphi programming language while online programs are made of PHP. We're trying to make our online programs have the same results as our desktop programs have, but these two programming languages have huge differences.
Please try our software products if the online programs don't work for you.

Q: I have more questions, who should I write to?
A: Please send your additional questions to