Free Registry Cleaner Download

Clean, repair, compact, backup and restore Windows registry.

Free Registry Cleaner is a free software that allows you to safely clean, repair, compact, backup and restore Windows registry with easy.


  • Clean Invalid ActiveX, OLE, COM Section.
  • Clean Invalid Application Folders.
  • Clean Invalid Auto Run Section.
  • Clean Invalid Classes Section.
  • Clean Invalid File Associations.
  • Clean Invalid Fonts.
  • Clean Invalid Help Files.
  • Clean Invalid Shared Dynamic Link Libraries.
  • Clean Invalid Software Settings.
  • Clean Invalid System Services.
  • Clean Invalid Uninstallers.
  • Clean Obsolete Start Menu Items.
  • Repair invalid entries in Windows Registry.
  • Compact Registry to make it access fast.
  • Backup & restore the whole Windows Registry.


Free Registry Cleaner Screenshot