Free Registry Cleaner Download

Clean, repair, compact, backup and restore Windows registry.

Free Registry Cleaner is a free software that allows you to safely clean, repair, compact, backup and restore Windows registry with easy.


It is a well known fact that the more programs you install, your Windows Registry gets cluttered with malware related entries. Manually detecting these entries is a rather difficult and potentially dangerous task for your system so why not employ a professional tool ??

Weeny Free Registry Cleaner provides a free solution for detecting erroneous, invalid entries, cleaning, repairing, compacting the registry. Conveniently enough you can also create backups and restore Windows registry with just a few clicks.

Weeny Free Registry Cleaner has a clutter free, clean and easy to use graphical user interface. It is driven by a built-in wizard with three capabilities: Clean and Repair, Backup and Restore, Compact and Defragment Your Registry.

Just let yourself guided by the wizard and you will be able to clean and repair invalid information in the Windows Registry to keep your PC running cleaner, fast and error free.

Perform backups regularly of your whole Windows Registry so that you can always use the last working configuration in case of a failure.

Defragment your registry and you will be impressed of your newly enhanced PC's performance.

Weeny Free Registry Cleaner is fairly light standing at just 1 MB and is free of charge!



Weeny Free Registry Cleaner is a free registry utility software. The software cleans, repairs, compacts and is even able to backup your windows registry and restore it. Windows users may not know this but their systems use registry entries to store many vital variables. The problem with registry entries is they might be corrupted, fragmented or broken. Weeny Free Registry Cleaner offers a safe platform of taking care of these issues which tend to considerably slow down your system.

Weeny Free Registry Cleaner tries to restore your registry to its optimum performance by defragmenting entries, deleting unused entries and compacting the registry to make it easier to access.

As compared to most of its competitors it is light weight and very easy to use.

The backup and restore utility allows users to make an exact copy of their registry which they can use to restore if the need arises. The last set of features is the compact and defragment registry utility. Constant read and write operations cause registry items to be scattered all over memory. Using this feature, you can defragment which in layman terms means to "piece" together fragments of the registry into a larger block in memory. This makes it faster and easier to access.

The interface is clean and well arranged. With only three menus and a few other buttons, you will easily find your way around. The middle of the interface contains three links each leading to a new user interface. Note that once you have clicked any of the links, you cannot use the same or remaining links until you close the interface. The bottom of the interface keeps a log of program statistics which you can reset using the link provided at the bottom left corner.

The clean and repair registry interface contains quite a number of check boxes that allows you to select items to be examined. However, some of the more complex options were not explained-tooltips could have been used to guide users. From the interface, you can choose to examine shortcuts, file associations, uninstallers and many more. The options button which contains program settings is however a bit misplaced. Weeny Free Registry Cleaner is quite a performer but a few freezes can be anticipated when servicing the registry so there is no need for alarm if this happens. Weeny Free Registry Cleaner seems to take it sweet time when compacting the registry which I was willing to forgive since I did not pay a dime for it.



A free, efficient and cost free solution for cleaning up the Windows registry. Includes tools for detecting and fixing invalid entries, creating registry backups, defragmenting and more.