PDF Stamper Online

Add stamp to PDF file online.

Select a local input PDF file (*.pdf) and a local stamp PDF file (*.pdf), choose foreground or background options, and click "Stamp now!" button. It may take a few seconds to a few minutes depend on the connection speed and file size.

If the foreground option is selected, it will overlay the stamp PDF pages on top of the input PDF document's pages. This works best if the stamp PDF has a transparent background. If the background option is selected, it will apply the stamp PDF pages to the background of the input PDF. If the input PDF does not have a transparent background (such as a PDF created from page scans) then the resulting background won't be visible.

This program applies each page of the stamp PDF to the corresponding page of the input PDF. If the input PDF has more pages than the stamp PDF, then the final stamp page is repeated across these remaining pages in the input PDF.

PDF Stamper Online
Input PDF File:
Stamp PDF File:
Apply stamp to: foreground background

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