Free PDF to Word Converter Download

Batch convert PDF document to Word document.

Free PDF to Word Converter is a free and easy-to-use PDF converter software to batch convert PDF document to Word files.

Command-line Options:

The command line program will come with Free PDF to Word Converter 2.0 and later versions.

You can also convert PDF to Word files without displaying any user interface, by using the following command-line options in our command-line program:

Command Line Command Line Description
/? List all command line options.
/v Show Free PDF to Word Converter version and copyright information.
/source <Filename> Select source PDF file.
For example: pdf2word.exe /source "c:\test\sample.pdf"
/scale <From> <To> Select the page scale of source PDF file that you want to convert. The default scale is all pages.
For example: pdf2word.exe /scale 1 4
/target <Directoryname> Set target directory. The default target directory is "c:\My PDF".
For example: pdf2word.exe /target "c:\My PDF"
/format <Format> Set target image format: RTF, DOC and DOCX. The default target word format is RTF.
For example: pdf2word.exe /format RTF


For example: the command below will convert page 1-4 of file "c:\test\sample.pdf" to RTF image files in directory "c:\My PDF".

pdf2word.exe /source "c:\test\sample.pdf" /scale 1 4 /target "c:\My PDF" /format RTF

We can also build SDK or DLL file to implement converting PDF to Word files easily in programs. The command-line program, SDK or DLL file is for software developers use only. Contact us for more information.


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