Free Video Recorder Download

Record all screen and audio activity on your computer.

Free Video Recorder is a free screen recorder software to record all screen and audio activity on your computer and create industry-standard WMV video files.

Free Video Recorder Help:

After downloading and installing Weeny Free Video Recorder, select START -> Programs -> Weeny Free Video Recorder -> Weeny Free Video Recorder to run. It will appear in your tray area as one "record" icon.

1. There are six icons on main window. From left to right: capture window, capture desktop, capture region, capture camera, open settings window and view online help manual.

main window

2. Clicking on settings icon will open settings window. You can set video device, output format and shortcut keys information. The default shortcut keys are listed below.

Action Default Shortcut key
Capture active window Ctrl + Alt + A
Capture selected window Ctrl + Alt + W
Capture desktop Ctrl + Alt + D
Capture region Ctrl + Alt + S
Capture camera Ctrl + Alt + C
Pause recording Num 0
Resume recording Num 7
Stop recording Num 1


settings window

3. Click on an icon or press a shortcut key to start recording. You can see the record icon is flashing in tray area when recording. Press End key to end recording. Weeny Free Video Recorder will open output directory when video file is saved.