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Free audio cutter tool to cut or merge audio files.

Free Audio Cutter is a free software to cut audio file into small pieces or merge audio files into one large file.


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I tried out your software ... very handy ...

My goal was to chop up a large audio interview (20 MB WMA file) into a collection of smaller pieces so that I could serve it from my Web site and allow a listener to move around in the interview with minimal latency.

So, the fact that Weeny Free Audio Cutter enables one to select a number of parts into which to split the file is just what I needed.

-Smith (rgs****@rgs****.com)


Sometimes you may need to split big audio files like long meeting recording or movie dialog into pieces. We highly recommend using this free audio cutter software to do it. Weeny Free Audio Cutter can cut audio file into equal size parts or just cut the selected part that you specified the start point and end point. Weeny Free Audio Cutter's interface is clear and efficient, you can easily cut audio file or set parameters such as audio format, resampling, tag information and bit rate etc.

Weeny Free Audio Cutter does great on its software name suggested. Furthermore, it can also join small audio files into one big audio file. It's very handy to have audio cutting and audio joining in one software.



Weeny Free Audio Cutter is a great application which provides you with the function of cutting audio files into smaller pieces in an easy way. But that is not all this program can do. With it, you can also join many audio files, regardless of their format, into one large file.

This software will let you cut your files by manually setting Start and End points on the time bar. It can also cut songs into equal-size fragments. The application comes with a built-in audio player that will let you play your songs and easily select the part of the file that you want to cut. This utility also works as a conversion tool. It allows you to set Mp3, WAV, WMA and OGG as output formats. Besides all the mentioned features, the application also allows you to edit your audio files' tag information. For example, you can change your songs' title, album, genre, year and add comments to it. In addition to this, the program also gives you the power to set output parameters, such as audio bit rate, frequency and channel mode (mono and stereo). The application features a great graphic interface which does not require any technical knowledge to be operated.

In conclusion, this is a great free program to cut, convert and merge audio files.


+ It's free.
+ It lets you cut and merge audio files.
+ It's easy to use.


- None.

-Informer editorial review